Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle in Miami, FL is an excellent place to take the entire family, and the experience is much different from a typical zoo situation, as you are the ones in the cage. The monkeys are in a fairly natural habitat, free to do whatever they want, and you get to watch them from inside the cage. It works well, and you won’t be disappointed if you visit Monkey Jungle.

There are about 500 primates that know Monkey Jungle to be their home, and the entire monkey habitat consists of 30 acres.

But, it’s much more fun than just watching monkeys hang out, sleep, and play. There are 4 attractions here:

  • Cameroon Gorilla Forest: Home of the silverback gorilla
  • Wild Monkey Swimming Pool: Home of Java Macaques
  • Wings of Love: Home of Parrots that needed a sanctuary before arriving at Monkey Jungle
  • Amazonian Rainforest: This is the only semi-natural habitat for monkeys in the United States, and you will get to see Capuchins, Squirrel Monkeys, and Howlers.

Address: 14805 SW 216th St, Miami, FL 33170

Phone: (305) 235-1611


Tuesday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Wednesday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Thursday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Friday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Saturday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Sunday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM
Monday10–11AM, 12:15–1:15PM, 2:30–3:30PM

Video Preview of Monkey Jungle

How much does it cost to go to Monkey Jungle in Miami, FL?

There is a small admission fee of $29.95 plus tax per adult, $23.95 plus tax for children, and $27.95 plus tax for seniors.

When did Monkey Jungle first open?

Monkey Jungle was first established in 1933 by Joseph DuMond after he released 6 Java Monkeys into the forest. The park is now home to more than 300 primates and is a popular attraction in Miami, FL.

Can the monkeys get on top of the cage and pee on you at Monkey Jungle?

Absolutely. It’s uncommon, but it can happen. When walking through Monkey Jungle, always be cautious of monkeys on top of the cage to avoid getting urinated on.

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