South Beach

South Beach is a truly beautiful beach in Miami, FL. It’s probably one of the most famous beaches in America, and it’s known to be one of the most beautiful landmarks in the country. Who wouldn’t want to move to Miami and be close to South Beach?

This is a relatively large beach, and the entire South Beach area covers about 15 city blocks, with a ton of space for outdoor activities, or just relaxing in the sun. It’s a very lively area, with kiosks lining up the entire beach and rentable items everywhere in sight. From snack bars to top-of-the-line restaurants, South Beach has it all!

If you plan on visiting, make sure to spend extra for a nice hotel that features a private part of the beach. This will help if you don’t want to be in the livelier sections of the beach.

Address: Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Is South Beach a safe place?

South Beach does have a high crime rate, although when visiting you should treat it like any other busy tourist area and be mindful of where you’re going. This is a popular tourist destination and it’s generally safe.

What makes South Beach so special?

Ocean Drive is an iconic place in Miami thanks to movies, and it’s known for its party life with clubs, world-class shopping, bars, restaurants, and historic architecture. Dining and nightlife are what South Beach is all about!

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